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curensncs's Journal

This is my first and probably only account on Livejournal! How you doing guys :D

This is the account I'll use for the Precure Livejournal comm. here, so not much will be linked here except Precure stuff.

I've been watching PreCure for about two years now and very slowly at that, but decided I was going to try and catch up.

Before anyone asks, no, I'm not one of those 'otakus' or whatever. I barely like any anime series so if anyone wants to ask me about Bleach or One Piece of Full Metal whichever, chances are I will not have a clue what the funk-soul-brother you're talking about. (This is a warning before anyone starts asking me to avoid any conflicts with Naruto fans later in my Live Journal life who are shocked I don't know how many episodes there are to a season).

Ones I do like are Higurashi and Digimon from childhood. That's it really.

I don't cosplay or game or anything much. I guess I like The Walking Dead game and that's about it.

I'm generally a more fashionable person so I know a good amount of brands, models and stuff like that. I watch the VSFS every year too, so that says what type of person I am.

I listen to a lot of music by all kinds of people, so that's one subject I'll definitely know something about :)

Also, if anyone loves Dr Martens, drop me a message :D

Currently Watched:

- Futari wa Precure!
- Futari wa Precure! Max Heart Movie
- Futari wa Precure! Max Heart
- Futari wa Precure! Max Heart Movie 2
- Futari wa Precure! Splash Star
- Futari wa Precure! Splash Star Movie
- Yes! Precure 5! (28/49)
- Yes! Precure 5! Movie